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Sixty Night Trial

The Mattress Shop understand that choosing a new bed or mattress is an important decision and a good quality mattress will adapt to your body and serve you for a significant number of years. Sometimes however it may take time for you to be satisfied you have made the right decision, and to this end The Mattress Shop offer a 30 Night Sleep Guarantee. This allows the customer to exchange their purchased mattress for another one if the following simple conditions are met.


  1. Purchase a new bed or mattress from the extensive range on display at The Mattress Shop.
  2. Ensure you have the correct mattress for your needs by sleeping on it for at least 30 nights.
  3. If you are still not convinced, come and exchange it for another.

Terms for 30 night Sleep Guarantee trial:

  • The 30 night Sleep Guarantee covers the mattress element of the purchase.
  • The amount paid for the bed is over £399, or mattress (if mattress only) is over £299.
  • A new mattress protector has to be purchased from The Mattress Shop with the mattress to enable the customer to take part in the 30 night sleep guarantee. A customer can purchase a mattress without also purchasing a mattress protector but the mattress will not qualify for the sleep guarantee.
  • Damaged, soiled or stained mattresses will not be accepted back under the sleep guarantee.
  • Only 1 sleep trial can be taken by a customer. Any subsequent mattress selected under the terms of the sleep guarantee shall have no such guarantee offered.
  • There is no refund option on the trial, any subsequent mattress selected shall be either equal to or greater than in value to the original with the customer paying any difference. If a customer selects a mattress of lesser value than the original then no refund of the difference will be given.
  • Any difference in price shall be paid for in full at the point of re-selection. No cancellations will be accepted after this point.
  • If delivery is required for a mattress under the sleep guarantee then the normal delivery charge will be applied.
  • A customer can advise The Mattress Shop they want to take advantage of the Sleep guarantee at any point from 20 days to 30 days after delivery/collection of the bed/mattress. As our bodies need time to adjust to a new mattress and the mattress may need to ‘settle’ the sleep guarantee does not become active until 20 days after delivery/collection.
  • The sleep trial cannot be offered for customers living more than 25 miles from store.
  • The trial cannot be used on pre-loved/clearance mattresses or beds.
  • If a customer wants to exchange the mattress under the sleep guarantee it may be the case that we will require the collection of the existing mattress before the replacement mattress has arrived into stock. The customer will need to make their own arrangements in these instances.
  • The sleep guarantee offer made by The Mattress Shop may be withdrawn at any time (for new orders).
  • Offer not available on electric beds.
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